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Convert Your Existing Site to WordPress

So you have a website that has been around for a while. Perhaps it needs updating but you can’t get hold of your web guy to do it, or maybe it just looks a bit tired and in need of a freshen up. Perhaps you want more functionality –  newsletter subscriptions, customer feedback, maybe  e-commerce. And of course your old site looks rubbish on a mobile device, and you know that ever-increasingly your site is going to be accessed from tablets and smartphones.

WordPress is the answer.  It can do pretty much anything you can imagine wanting a website to do, and you can update and edit all the content yourself if you are even reasonably competent at day to day tasks on a computer. All new WordPress sites we build are responsive, so they look good across the whole spectrum of devices from widescreen monitors and HD TVs to mobile phones.


So how to go about it? First the bad news – there is no easy, foolproof automatic way to convert your existing static site to WordPress.

But, hey, now the good news. We can set up a shiny new WordPress site for you with a responsive template tweaked to suit your needs or corporate image, and we can transfer all your existing content into the new format. Then we write you a custom manual just for your site with detailed, step by step instructions and screenshots so you can add new content or update existing content.

And all for very much less than you probably imagine.




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